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8 Ways to Keep Love Alive

Life is a busy. I get that. I remember when it was just my husband and I, when our only responsibilities were to go to work and walk the dog. We worked a lot, but spontaneous midweek date nights were the norm for us. We had a lot of time when it was just us. We had time to focus on each other and our marriage. Somewhere between the proposal, our wedding day, getting pregnant, and the arrival our of sweet baby girl, time wasn’t as abundant as it once was; in fact, our days didn’t seem to have enough time in them. Life got busy and hectic with a newborn baby, but my husband and I made it a point not to get complacent in our roles as husband and wife. It is so easy to get consumed in everything going on around us, that we forget to show the ones we love the most how much we truly care. We assume our spouses know that we love them, but we forget how amazing it feels to be reminded of that. While our marriage definitely isn’t perfect, one thing is for certain, I fall more and more in love with this man each day! So, I want to share with you 8 ways to keep the love alive in your marriages, partnerships, and relationships!

Never stop dating – Life happens. I understand that. It is easy to get carried away in day to day tasks and to forget about all the things that made your relationship what it is in the first place. I think it’s important not to let that be an excuse for why you’ve stopped dating your significant other. JD and I love family time and family outings, but we also realize that date nights with just the two of us are extremely important. Try finding a sitter, making a reservation at your favorite restaurant, dressing up and enjoying time with just the two of you. It makes a world of difference and you’ll be amazed at the butterflies you will feel during it all!

Tell them you love them every single day – Simple good mornings and have a nice day kisses before heading out to go your separate ways can go a long way. It’s the little things that keep the marriage spark alive. We make a conscious effort to tell each other “I love you” every single day whether it’s when we are getting off the phone or just before we doze off for the night. As stubborn as I am, going to bed angry is never an option for us.

Shut the bathroom door – I mean this literally and metaphorically. Haha. It’s a great feeling to be comfortable in your own skin, but we should never be too comfortable. Personal grooming is definitely a must – so yes, you still need to shower, brush your teeth, get a haircut, etc. And I don’t know about you, but…I’m not trying to poop in the bathroom while my husband is in there, and I’m certainly not trying to smell his sh*t. haha

Engage in conversation – With cell phones taking over the universe, this is probably a challenge for most. This is one of my biggest flaws, I am always on my phone! Sure, most times that I am on my phone it is because it is making me money, but I definitely am a victim of the no-purpose social media scroll. In a relationship, it is so important to give your spouse the attention he/she deserves. Communication is key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship, and listening is an even bigger key. So, when it’s just the two of you whether it’s over dinner or when watching one of your favorite shows together, or maybe when riding around town together, give your spouse your undivided attention and actively engage in conversation. You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll enjoy each other’s presence.

Pray together – When things may not be going the best, it’s easy to resort to praying with your spouse solely because you’re looking for a quick fix to solving whatever issue is at hand. The magic in praying together and maintaining a healthy marriage, is praying together when things are better than you could have ever imagined. Try to set some time aside right before bed and reflect together! Remember to keep God first.

Getaway, even if only for a day – It is easy to fall into a routine, so to take things up a knotch, planning a quick getaway can provide that extra spark you may or may not be looking for. Even if it is just a staycation, it is those intimate moments that got you to where you are in the first place. We literally just got back from the most random trip ever to Texas and it was everything!

Show them you care –No matter how long you’ve been together, you want to continue to do the things that got you to the point you’re at in your relationship. So surprise them! It doesn’t have to be anything extremely extravagant, it is more so the thought that counts. It could be something as simple as surprising them with their favorite home cooked meal, a single rose, a sweet note in their car…a sweet gesture that shows that you appreciate them.

Save the best of you for your spouse – So, it’s so easy to devote the best of you and your time to work, friends, and hobbies, and giving what you have left to your spouse. I have found that it makes the most sense to preserve the best of you for the most important people in your life. There are plenty of days that we get overwhelmed with life, but don’t let this stop you from showing your significant other just how much you love them and that they are and will always be #1 in your life.

So again, life is busy. I’ve said it. And I’ll say it again. And again. And again. That is no excuse. These are things my husband and I try to instill and live by in our marriage. It is a work in progress and everyone’s relationships are different. The end goal in what you’re working towards is what should be consistent – investing time in your marriage/relationship to be the best it can be – everyone deserves that.

Thanks for reading!




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