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Celebrating Love on Valentine's Day and Everyday After

So, let me start by saying – I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m totally the type that cries while watching the Notebook, and the person that has always believed in happily ever afters. As I reflect on my husband and I’s marriage, I literally get goosebumps. I get chills, not because our marriage has been perfect, but because we’ve grown so much in just 4 years. We’ve grown deeper in love, we’ve grown to appreciate every inch of the other person – flaws and all, and we’ve learned how to truly love one another.

Key ingredients for a lasting marriage: God, love, intimacy, communication and trust.

For any marriage to last, I would say the key ingredients are: God, love, intimacy, communication and trust. There are many more factors that can make or break a relationship, but to me - these are vital.

I read an Instagram post the other day that @SophaRush wrote and it made me question – are my husband and I loving each other the right way? Like, of course, we love each other with all of our hearts, but are we effectively communicating and transferring those feelings through our actions? Then I read an Instagram post that @HerLifeSparkles wrote about love languages: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. I think my love language is a hybrid of them all, but my husband – well, he’s totally all about the physical touch.

Stay with me here, I promise I am going somewhere with this. My love language is mix of the 5, but my husband’s is primarily physical touch. I’ve known this all these years that we’ve been dating, then married-- yet this is the FIRST year that I decided not to buy any gifts, but to BE the gift. All these years I struggled to find the perfect gift, when all he really wanted was for me to slow down, put my phone down and be attentive. And it’s weird, but I think our marriage went to the next level because of it. Last night, I fell in love all over again.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day a day early.

This past week, JD and I worked completely opposite schedules. The days I was off, he was working, and the days he was off, I was working. Yesterday, I worked until 3pm and he was at home with the girls. I was pretty bummed to find out that I would be off on Valentine’s Day while he was working the entire day. I had come to terms with it though, and thought we would try our best to celebrate it late Valentine’s Day night.

JD suggested that we celebrate the holiday a day early since I got off at 3, and I couldn’t have been more excited. It was super spontaneous, but I think that’s what I loved most about it. He asked me what I wanted to do, and I told him he could decide. So, he did and honestly, I think it was my favorite Valentine’s date to date! We had a date night in our backyard – and it was EVERYTHING. He boiled my favorite meal of all times – CRAWFISH, POTATOES, and MANDA SAUSAGE. And omg, ya girl was in ABSOLUTE heaven.


We like to keep it interesting, haha. If we haven’t learned anything during our marriage, it’s that you’ve got to be creative when it comes to spending quality time with your spouse, even if it means your babysitter is inside your house with your kids. Haha. We have a date night babysitter who typically comes to our house while we do our thing. So, since our date was in our backyard, we may or may not have had Maddy and Olivia staring out the window at us. Haha.

Moral of the story is….

Last night, I fell in love all over again. Not because I got the most lavished gift, but because I felt like we really SAW he each other last night. We literally couldn’t keep our hands off of each other, so if there’s a pregnancy announcement in the near future, you already know what it is! Haha JK. But seriously, last night felt like a dream, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate love with the love of my life. I’m a hopeless romantic. I pray that my husband never stops sweeping me off my feet.<3


Brittney Fusilier


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