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Christmas Gifting Made Easier with GiftNow

This blog post is sponsored by GiftNow but all opinions are my own.

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also a busy season for me. Between family, working as a pharmacist, content creating, and preparing for the holidays, time is scarce! Haha. I told myself that this year I would start early with Christmas shopping and have everything ordered and wrapped by this week! Well, I did start early, but I am nowhere near done. I am realizing just how difficult it is to shop for family and friends with a toddler and infant in tow. It’s merely impossible. The last time I took them both into to Target to do a little gift shopping, I ended up walking out empty-handed and feeling defeated. There is also the fact that I still have things riding in my car from LAST Christmas that I picked up in stores and never got around to mailing them. Haha.

I know you’re all probably thinking, ‘Just get a giftcard, sis” or “why don’t you just do online shopping?” For me, sometimes gift cards just aren’t the answer! Also, unstructured, online shopping can be overwhelming. I lose focus so easily when I am online shopping because I typically have a bazillion tabs open of different retailers trying to compare all the gift options. During the moments of indecisiveness, I also have a screaming toddler and an infant that is ready for her next feeding and I get overwhelmed and end up just saying, “I’ll figure it out later.” There are also those rare moments that I make it all the way to checkout and realize I don’t have the recipient’s address. The struggle! Before you know it, it’s a couple weeks before Christmas, and I’ve got nothing. Haha.

Can other busy moms attest to my struggle? Well, if you’ve ever been in this same boat, I found a solution for us, sis! GiftNow! It is an online platform that makes gift giving stress-free, instant, and thoughtful. Imagine that!

I will be using GiftNow to purchase the remainder of gifts for my relatives and friends, particularly those that I may not be see during the holidays. GiftNow is a company that partners with a ton of retailers which allows us to shop multiple retailers all on ONE site. It’s a super easy process too.


· Select who are shopping for. (i.e. for him, for her, for them)

· Shop their collection and select the perfect gift

· Enter the recipient’s name and email

· The recipient will be sent an email where they will accept the gift or can exchange it for something prior to it being shipped out

· The gift is then mailed straight to their doorstep at the address that they provide

· Gift received!

It’s as simple is that! You can literally find something for EVERYONE from one site. I LOVE that they provide gift guides on their site too, it helps you select the PERFECT gift for those you love. While gift cards are nice, GiftNow takes gift giving to an entirely different level. They may not physically get the gift on Christmas, but at least they will know it’s coming!:)

We have 1.5 days until Christmas, we are running out of time! It’s time to grab a cup of coffee and head on over to GiftNow website NOW to choose those last minute gifts! Merry Christmas! I have created a gift guide for all you last minute shoppers! There’s literally something for everyone – men, women and kids, too! To take a look at the awesome finds all in one place, take a look at the gift guide here!


Brittney Fusilier


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