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Cultivating Confidence in My Kids

This blog post is sponsored by Sylvan Learning, but all thoughts and opinion are my own.

Children are some of the most resilient beings on the planet. They are like little sponges that absorb everything happening around them, and they learn so much in such a short amount of time. So many times in my daily role of parenting, I am wow’ed by just how much my girls know already. I find myself speechless. It is in these moments that I am so proud to be a mom. Cultivating confidence in my children is more important now than ever before because so much is constantly changing around them. While the world is slowly returning to some normalcy, I still rely heavily on special tactics to make sure I am giving my children the best atmosphere to thrive in.

To thrive, kids need the ability to trust in their own capabilities, while at the same time, know that they can grow if they aren’t instantly successful at something. Cultivating confidence means putting your children in the most ideal situations to allow them to thrive. It is no secret that Sylvan Learning (psst … from now until May 9th, Sylvan is offering their Insight Assessment for just $29 (regularly $199)!) has been an ultimate confidence builder for my children, so here are all the ways that help my kids to feel capable and get the most out of their skills and talents!

1. Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is something that one says or thinks about one’s self. It is so important that we tell our children on a daily basis that they are enough, they are amazing, and there’s nothing they can’t handle. The idea is that if your children feel this energy from those around them, they will follow suit and believe it themselves.

2. Positive Reinforcement

We choose positive reinforcement when it comes to implementing change amongst our children. Whether it’s potty training or learning new skills – like counting, adding, subtracting, whatever it is, just remember it is not only important to praise them when successful, but also to praise them when they attempt something new. Confidence is more than just success!

3. Seeking Help

Children should know that questions are always acceptable. They should also know it is perfectly normal to seek help. I appreciate Sylvan Learning so much for the services they provide. Aside from tutoring, Sylvan Learning’s results extend far past just school. It will be the smile on your children’s faces when they read aloud with confidence, or that moment when the algebra they’ve been struggling with finally makes sense. It’s the self-confidence your child possesses as they grow into a young adult, all while thriving in both academics and in life, that will make the entire experience worth it!

4. Learning From Failed Attempts

There is a saying, “not trying is worse than to stumble and fall,” and I couldn’t agree more. It is important for children to understand that no one is perfect. As humans, we are allowed to make mistakes. As long as we are learning from them, that’s the most important thing.

5. Set Them Up for Success

This means dressing the part, showing up, and putting them in an atmosphere that will allow them to thrive. Challenges are great for kids, but they also should have opportunities where they are sure to find success. The goal is once they find success in something that they do well, they will be more comfortable and confident to step outside of their comfort zones and tackle even bigger challenges.

Cultivating confidence in your children shouldn’t be a trend, but a way of life. It is certainly not the easiest thing to do, but the key is finding and placing your children in atmospheres that will allow them to both thrive and grow. I am not sure how quickly things will go back to normal, but I will say that Sylvan Learning has been the glue that has held my children’s academic confidence intact.

To learn more about Sylvan Learning and the services they provide, click here.

And, from now until May 9th, Sylvan is offering their Insight Assessment for just $29 (regularly $199)! Their assessment uses a combination of computer adaptive skill assessments, observations and attitude surveys to really get to know your child. So, if you’re not sure where your child is struggling or excelling, the insight assessment can pinpoint EXACTLY what your child needs help with! Learn more about this offer HERE.

As always, thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to DM me or email me.


Brittney Fusilier

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