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Decluttering and Recycling our Food Storage Collection with Rubbermaid® x Terracycle®

This blog post is sponsored by Rubbermaid® and TerraCycle®, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

As our family expands, the number of things that we accumulate in our home is at an all- time high. From a ton of PR packages (which means boxes everywhere), to the abundance of toys that my children seem to place everywhere but in their toy boxes, it can definitely be a little overwhelming. But, do you want to know what drives me the craziest? Food storage containers WITHOUT lids! No matter how hard I try to keep them together, somehow my youngest Olivia makes it her business to misplace the tops.

Well, now that spring cleaning is in full effect, I’m all about decluttering and upgrading in a way that is sustainable- so you better believe the first thing I will be starting with are the FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS! With no way to properly recycle these containers in the past, I’ve just placed the well-used food storage containers in a trash bag, but I’ve found a great sustainable way to recycle them that I am excited to share with you.

As a part of a commitment to sustainability, Rubbermaid is partnering with TerraCycle to provide a recycling solution for well-used food storage containers with the Food Storage Recycling Program. Once I’ve recycled my old, well-used food storage containers, I’m also so eager to upgrade with Rubbermaid’s Press & Lock line of food storage containers. Thanks to the EasyFindLids system, lids and bases snap together for easy and efficient organization.

Waste from Rubbermaid’s Food Storage Recycling Program is recycled into other products, such as frisbees, or this watering can!

The best part? I am thankful that the Food Storage Recycling Program allows me to recycle both plastic and glass food storage containers of ANY brand.

So whether you’re in spring cleaning mode and looking for a way to declutter your pantries and cabinets, or you’re trying to find a sustainable way to recycle your old food storage containers to do your part ahead of Earth Day, this program is a win-win!


Participating is SIMPLE and FREE.

1. Register– You go to the Rubbermaid® Food Storage Recycling Program website and join the program.

2. Collect – Gather the products you would like to recycle in a box.

3. Print label – Print free shipping label that is generated on the site.

4. Ship – Ship the box filled with products.

That’s it! It is such an easy process! I am constantly looking for ways to shift to a “greener” lifestyle and I am so glad I found out about this program.


So, now that I have decluttered, it’s only right to upgrade my food storage container with the best. Rubbermaid® has so many great food storage sets to choose from, however, I recently received the Rubbermaid® Flex & Seal™ 38-Piece Food Storage Set with Easy Find Lids and so far, so good! I am hopeful that with the distinct different sizes and the teal lids that we will have a better it me keeping up with them. It will also be helpful that they all match because, let’s face it, spring cleaning is a time to work on your home aesthetics as well.

Here’s to sustainability, a decluttered food storage container system, and the BEST food storage containers that the industry has to offer – Rubbermaid!

Thanks so much for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or DM me!


Brittney Fusilier


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