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How to Host a Crawfish Boil - Louisiana Style

This blog post is sponsored by Academy Sports + Outdoors, but the opinions expressed are my own.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year – Lenten season and crawfish boil season! As a Louisiana native, you would think that my love for crawfish started as a young girl, but truthfully speaking, it was not until the last 3 years or so that my obsession became a real thing. Haha. If you’re not from Louisiana, you’re probably wondering how on earth we actually eat those “bugs” that come from the mud, but you can’t knock them until you’ve tried them.

I feel crawfish season is almost year-round now, haha, at least for us, but spring time and early to mid-summer is when we crave it on a weekly basis. We’ve spent so much money purchasing boiled crawfish from different retailers over the last couple of years, that we decided it was time to start getting live sacks and boiling them ourselves instead. We had some family friends suggest that we check out crawfish boiling supplies at Academy Sports + Outdoors, and their wide variety did not disappoint. It’s literally a one stop shop!

I have always known Academy for their sports apparel, tennis shoes, and sports equipment. So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I walked into their store and they had all the things we needed for a backyard crawfish boil in one place, talk about convenient! They even had the seasonings! I’m going share with you everything you need in order for you to have an epic crawfish boil in your very own backyard.

1. Crawfish Cookers You’ll need a pot to actually boil the crawfish in. It will need to be big enough to fit water, the crawfish, as well as the vegetables, corn and potatoes. We typically boil one sack at a time, and for that, the Outdoor Gourmet 100 qt Crawfish Kit with Strainer was a great, cost-effective option. There is also the Outdoor Gourmet Single-Sack and Double-Sack Crawfish boilers, which are great options as well! The benefits of the crawfish boilers over the pots is that they are literally designed to make the boiling process easy. They are a little pricier, but worth it if you’re planning to boil often. We’ve already added the double-sack crawfish boiler to our wish list!

You will also need the King Kooker 36-inch Wooden Stirring Paddle and Outdoor Gourmet 36-inch Skimmer. The crawfish cookers are all deep and require a long handle so that you’re able to effectively stir the seasonings around and skim as needed!

2. Cooking Stands When we first got our boiling equipment, we purchased a single jet propane cooker. While it does the job, it takes a little longer to get the water boiling than if we would like. I mean after all, when you crave crawfish the way we do, the last thing you want to do is wait! The Outdoor Gourmet Double-Burner Propane Fryer and Boiler with Side Table is a game changer. With this one, the water will boil so much quicker, which means you’ll be able to spend less time boiling and more time eating! Glory!

3. Crawfish Platters You cannot have a successful crawfish boil without the proper platters. There is something about the Crawfish Cookout Platters, that if you have them, it makes eating the crawfish that much more enjoyable.

4. Crawfish Accessories So, live crawfish literally come from the ground, so they are dirty and will need to be cleaned. You’re allowed to get resourceful with this one. My husband swears by his wheelbarrow for cleaning the crawfish, however Academy does have the Cowboy’s Wild Crawfish Washer that is an excellent choice! You will also need breathable, mesh bags that can be securely tied for the corn, potatoes, and sausage. The last thing you want to do is to be searching for those when it’s time to eat.

The Outdoor Gourmet All-Purpose Scoop is a must have! The first time we boiled, we forgot to get a scoop and tried using a smaller pot with a handle to scoop the crawfish onto our trays. Haha. Not a good look, but we had to make it work! When it’s time to transfer the crawfish from the cooker, you’ll need a place to store the crawfish. Some people use coolers which works, however, the King Kooker Aluminum Seafood Serving Tray makes a nice display AND is easily accessible to serve yourself without the hassle of having to dig from a cooler!

5. Coolers + Drinkwear Like I had mentioned, coolers can be used not only to store drinks, but also to house the crawfish once it’s done being boiled and ready for consumption! We actually got the Igloo Trailmate Journey 70 qt. All-Terrain Cooler and it is EVERYTHING! It’s super roomy, glides like a dream, and even has a built-in mobile device stand on the lid for your smartphone. It even includes a food basket and has cupholders and serving trays as well. It’s the real deal.

You also cannot have a crawfish boil without your favorite beverage in your Yeti Tumbler!

6. Crawfish Apparel What’s a crawfish boil without being super festive and over the top and wearing crawfish t-shirts! JD and I love ours and was so pleased with the selection that Academy had to offer. We will definitely be back for more!

So, there ya have it, everything you need to know to have a backyard crawfish boil. Everything that is except the actual live crawfish itself and a recipe! There is a crawfish app that you can download on your phone to locate where you can purchase both live and boiled crawfish and their prices! As for the recipe, I’m going to have to keep that one to myself. Haha. I will tell you though, we use Louisiana Crawfish and Shrimp Boil and it is everything!

So…what are you waiting for? Head on over to Academy and get your crawfish boiling necessities today! Don’t forget to invite us to your backyard boil.


Brittney Fusilier


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