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Maintaining a Clean Kitchen with Two Kids

This post was sponsored by Cascade. All opinions are my own.

The story never changes, having a two-year-old and an infant is tough. Sure, it’s extremely rewarding, and you’re right if you think I couldn’t imagine life without the two of them! It’s just maintaining a clean kitchen while being a wife, taking care of the girls, looking after Murph (our fur baby) AND keeping my sanity, well that’s when it gets tricky. I’ve been lucky these past couple of weeks because my husband has been off on paternity leave, but omg, he started work this week and it’s been an adjustment.

When it’s just me at home, I’m outnumbered. It seems like the moment I put one baby down, the other one needs a diaper change or wants to eat. I’m not complaining, but I’ve had to be a bit creative when it comes to adding the task of cleaning a kitchen into the mix. We have a cleaner that comes in once a week for the deep cleaning, but I try to at least clear the island, do dishes, and sweep daily! Let’s just say Madison thinks our kitchen island is a dancefloor, and while I clear it off, she dances on it. (It’s so cute though, so it’s hard to be mad about it). I’ve learned though, to work smarter and not harder. I usually wear Olivia in the baby carrier and stick Madison in her high chair with some fruit, and try to work as efficiently and quickly as I can to get as much as possible done!

Clearing the island never takes too long, and sweeping is a pretty quick task too, but the dishes are a beast of their own. Before babies, I had no problem handwashing all dishes, it was therapeutic, even. Now, they stack up faster than I can hand wash! Thank goodness for our dishwasher. We’ve always used Cascade, it’s a household product that we know, love, and trust. It’s always provided a dependable clean.

To avoid less desirable ingredients like chlorine bleach and phosphates, we have been using new Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs Dishwashing Detergent. It still offers the dependable clean we expect from any Cascade product, but has a more simplified formula that is infused with bio-based ingredients to meet the needs of today’s families. This a plus for me because most simplified products compromise in performance, but with the Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs we get the best of both worlds! This product is powerful enough to even clean baked-on foods and is tough on stuck-on messes, which means I can skip the pre-washing at the sink phase. Farewell dirty dishes, HELLO spare time, as spare as time can be being a mom.:)

You can find Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs available at Walmart stores nationwide, 16 count and 37 count retails at $4.99 and $13.99, respectively. From now until June 22, be sure to check your local newspaper for a $1 off P&G BrandSaver.

Keeping a clean kitchen just got easier thanks to Cascade pure essentials!




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