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My Baby Registry with buybuyBABY

This post is in partnership with buybuyBABY, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Well guys, I’m officially in my 3rd trimester which is so hard to believe. Time is flying by incredibly fast. Before you know it, baby #3 will be here and we will be all smiling back on these times. With Madison Kate’s 4th birthday party being this month and Olivia Grace’s 2nd birthday party being next week, we decided against a baby shower! We did, however, decide to create a baby registry with buybuyBABY. I am excited to share some of my registry list must-haves and about my experience that I had while creating it.

Baby registries serve a lot of different purposes, and for me, it serves as the ultimate checklist. Even though I am a mom of 2 already, with all of the new, innovative products and trends coming out year after year, a registry helps me stay on top of all that. When you have little ones it’s so easy to accumulate all the things, so a registry helps me stay on track.

Of all of the places I could have created a baby registry, buybuyBABY made the most sense because they literally have everything one could ever need for a baby and more! For my first pregnancy, I remember how exhilarating it was to go into the store and scan all of the baby products my heart could desire. This time, it was a little different, but buybuyBABY made the experience just as special. They have so many online resources and registry tools that make creating the perfect baby registry a breeze. They also offer virtual registry appointments with a specialist that can answer any questions you may have or steer you in the right direction to creating an amazing experience for you and baby as you embark upon this new journey.

Today, I am SO excited to share our baby registry with you all!


  • Pacifiers – Both of my kids have LOVED the Avent Soothie pacifiers. The WubbaNub is super cute and easy to keep up with. They are essentially the Avent Soothie paciifers with a plush stuffed animal attached.

  • Bottles – I am a HUGE fan of Philips Avent Natural Bottles. While I do plan to breastfeed, I find that these bottles are great and don’t cause nipple confusion when going from breast to bottle once milk supply has been established.

  • Diapers – Pampers Little Swaddlers are our go to for the first 6 months of life! While blow outs are almost destined to happen with breastfed babies (HAHA), I have experienced the least amount of them with the Pampers Swaddler diapers.

  • Diaper Rash Cream – I have always loved the Mustela Diaper Rash cream. My sister in law introduced me to the brand when Maddy was first born and I have been a fan ever since. I also learned early on to coat my newborns bottoms with it for every diaper change. It’s help tremendously with minimizing diaper rashes.

  • Wipes – Pampers Sensitive wipes make diaper changes a breeze!

  • Swaddles – Swaddling baby is so important in those first few months of life. If YOU want sleep, then swaddle blankets are a must have for the baby. Newborns are easily startled, especially by their own movement.

  • Zippered Sleepers – Can you imagine having to button upon sleepers/pjs during those middle of the night diaper changes, because… :/ Halo Sleep Sack – I haven’t tried these, but have heard amazing things so I decided to try them out for baby #3.

  • Onesies – You can get all the cute outfits you want, but you’ll realize that your life will be so much easier with having plenty of onesies on deck for your newborn.

  • Hats – They are a must, especially after hair wash days!

  • Socks – My mother in law has been a stickler for socks, and so now, I am too! haha. They are a great way to manage your baby’s body temperature.

  • Burp Cloths – Make SURE to get plenty of these, and when you think you have enough – GET MORE!

  • Wipes Warmer – I think this is more of a middle of the night, I want to keep my baby as comfortable as possible during a diaper change so it’ll be easy to keep them settled to go back to sleep sort of must haves!

  • Nail Trimmers - They can't really control their extremities, so I typically keep their nails trimmed low because otherwise its a scratch fest. haha


  • Infant car seat – We have tried a few. Maxi Cosi has a great, affordable option. Cybex is also another great option

  • Swing/Rocker – Fisher-Price Peek-A-Boo has been our holy grail for both babies. To get anything done, having a swing is a must have.

  • Bassinet – We’ve used the Halo Bassinest in the past and it’s worked great. I have a few other options that I am interested in comparing that I have listed on my registry.

  • Baby Monitor – I have heard big things about the Owlet Cam monitor, so will give that one a try this time around.

  • Activity Center – These are perfect for tummy time and even when you just need to lay them down to give something to stay entertained with for a mniute or two.

  • Dock-a-Tot – This is one of my favorite baby products! Super convenient for naptime and on the go traveling as well.

  • Pack-N- Play – I’ve used our Pack-n-Play in the past for when we traveled and even during the transition from bassinet to crib! It is definitely a must have.

  • Stroller – We have an UppaBaby Vista and love it! Also interested in the Cybex stroller system. I’ve heard it’s also super functional and efficient and it’s super cute too!

  • Boppy Pillow – I saved this for last because, let’s just say, I couldn’t have survived breastfeeding my first two without it. I absolutely couldn’t imagine entering this next phase of life without one.


  • Baby Tub – I’ve gone with a fancy tub in the past and quickly learned, the simpler the tub, the better!

  • Bath water thermometer – I used this just to make sure the bath water was just right!

  • Soft Wash Cloths - A newborn baby's skin is so sensitive, so the softer the better

  • Baby Hooded Towels - Hooded towels are the best, helps regulate baby temperature after getting out of a tub filled with warm water

  • Soap and Baby Shampoo for Sensitive Skin – So I have tried a few different brands – Aveeno, Dove, and Mustela to name a few. I love them all for different reasons/different products that they offer. You can’t really go wrong with any of them.

This list is by no means ALL-inclusive of everything you'll need for baby. All babies are different and what works for one may not work for another. You can head over to my baby registry to browse and check everything out - linked here! This is only a guide.

I want to leave you with this. One of the most important things I had to learn as a mother is how to give myself grace. Parenting is probably the hardest, yet most rewarding job one could ever have. I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am looking forward to becoming a family of 5 very soon!

Thanks so much for reading! As always, please email me with you any questions that you may have or send me a DM on IG!

XOXO, Brittney Fusilier


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