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My Daily Routine

Now that summer is over, we are in the thick of fall and holiday season is officially here, I am

finally getting used to all the changes. With Maddy being in school now, working from home,

and having a toddler and infant at home, my hands are FULL. I have to be very strategic with

how I plan my weekdays to get the most out of them. I have finally found a rhythm in my daily

routine and Philips Avent plays a huge part in that. I am excited to share with y’all how I’m

navigating the busy life of being a wife and a working, full-time mom.

Early Morning Routine

My mornings typically start at 6:15am on the weekdays. Although my younger two are usually

still asleep, JD and I both get up with Maddy to get her ready for school. I get her dressed

and comb her hair, then she usually has a quick breakfast before she’s out the door with

daddy to head to school. That’s probably the easiest part of my day. Haha

Mid-Morning Pump Session

After they leave and before Olivia and Emily wake up, I usually take a moment to pump

before having to nurse Emily since my supply is highest in the morning. I’ve been using the

newest Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump, Advanced and it is so good. It has Natural

Motion technology that was inspired by baby's unique combination of suckling and massage

and combines suction and nipple stimulation for quick milk flow. I also love the hands-free,

portable pumping experience that it provides. I just make sure it’s fully charged, then place

the pumping device in the belt, wrap it around my waist and I am on to the next thing while

pumping. I usually take some time to fold a load of laundry or two.

Breakfast Time

By the time I’ve finished pumping, Emily and Liv are usually up and ready to get the day

started. Liv loves to eat as soon as she wakes up, so I usually get Emily calmed and settled

with the Philips Avent Soothie snuggle and then prepare Liv’s breakfast. Our Soothie snuggle

has certainly been instrumental in my ability to multi-task. While Liv is eating, I usually take

that time to nurse Em. We then usually follow up breakfast with some learning activities on

her tablet and the sitter usually comes over to watch the kiddos while I get some work done.

The Milk Stash Details

Between pumping and working, my days fly by. I’ve pumped enough to have a nice little stash

going and so during working hours, Emily usually takes bottles. I did a ton of research before

we decided on what bottles I would use that wouldn’t cause nipple confusion. We decided on

the Philips Avent Natural bottles and have never looked back. When I found out that they

would be launching a new and improved one, I was super excited! The new Natural Response Nipple is designed with a unique opening and tip which, unlike standard bottles,

only releases milk when Emily actively drinks. When she pauses to swallow and breathe, no

milk flows! If you’re a busy mom who enjoys nursing your baby, but you also give your baby

bottles of pumped milk, this is the bottle for you!

As I mentioned, my day flies by, and before I know it, it’s time for me to head out to get

Maddy from school. I like to arrive early so that I’m one of the first moms in the carpool line,

haha. I usually take that time to pump and catch up on emails. The younger two usually stay

home with our sitter, so I definitely take full advantage of that quiet time.

Once we make it back, I let the girls play while I nurse Emily. I prepare dinner or order take

out, and if I am able to get anything done, it’s because Emily LOVES her Soothie snuggle! If I

am being completely honest, so does Olivia! After dinner, I give the girls a bath, have story

time while I pump, then it’s lights out for the kiddos and me time begins!

Most days, I am pretty exhausted, but I’ve finally found rhythm in my routine and it feels great.

It is great that I’ve found products that I can incorporate into my daily life and they truly make

a difference. Head over to Philips Avent to shop and incorporate them into your daily routine


This post was created in partnership with Philips Avent! #MomsGetReal #AventPartner


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