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My Favorite Smart Gadget for our Home: Personalizing Your Scent

This post is sponsored by AIRIA, but all opinions expressed are my own.

We are all about smart gadget in our home. We love products that we can operate from our phones – whether it’s the alarm system, a/c unit, video cameras, or in this case – our new AIRIA smart fragrance device. We have been in our home now for 4.5 years and until recently, hadn’t found a scent that truly smelled like “home.” I remember growing up, when I walked into our home, it had a tranquil smell, one that made me feel at peace as soon as I stepped foot into the door. When my husband and I purchased our home, the theme we decided to go with was rustic-glam and luxe. I had been searching for the perfect, signature scent for our home since we moved in, and I am SO glad that I’ve finally found it!

I’m sure you’re wondering, what is AIRIA? AIRIA is a smart device that delivers a personalized scent experience that travels throughout your home. It’s simple to use as well. You plug it in, insert the fragrance cartridge of your choice, then you can create and control your experience from anywhere with just a few clicks on the AIRIA app from your smartphone! Alexa can control it too!

Although the AIRIA device is small and chic, it is powerful. It can deliver an aroma across an entire home of up to 2000 square feet. No matter where I walk downstairs, I am able to indulge in the great smell that my smart device offers.

There are a variety of sophisticated scents to choose from. My top 3 are the Ocean Clover, White Orchid and Lavender Essential Oil. The complete list of all the available scents can be found here.

What sets AIRIA apart from other scent delivery systems is that its truly a personalized experience. You can create the perfect ambience for your home:

· Control your scent intensity – it can be as faint or as strong of a scent that your heart desires.

· Easily change the light color and intensity – by going on the AIRIA app, you can pick the color and intensity, which ultimately sets the mood in your home.

· Set your own schedules – I typically set the schedule on the app to turn up the intensity on days that I know I will be cooking

AIRIA is the perfect gift for all occasions – Mother’s day, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, and even “just because!” It’s chic and luxe design will blend in seamlessly with anyone’s home décor style. If you’ve been looking for your signature scent that will live in your home for years to come, look no further – AIRIA is the fragrance device for you! Use code BRITTNEY20 for $20 off your AIRIA device.


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