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Perfectly Imperfect: How We Met

I remember the days I prayed for the things I have now. Yes, that includes my husband. Haha. Growing up, I wouldn’t say I had the best luck when it came to relationships, but I guess I couldn’t say I had the worst luck either. Each and every relationship I experienced in my adolescence was adequate preparation for me to find my prince charming!

Like most girls, I thought I would find my husband in undergrad, so you can only imagine how anxious I was when I walked across the stage to receive my BS is Accounting from LSU as a single girl. To be honest, my checklist for my future husband was simple! The only things I asked for were for him to be smart, for me not to be able to beat him in basketball, for him to be taller than me when I wore heels, and for him to have a great relationship with his mom. Not too bad, right? I guess what threw me off was the fact that I was leaving college without having found my forever guy.

I realized pretty quickly that life goes on even when you’re single. So, I prepared for my big move to New Orleans where I would be attending pharmacy school at Xavier University of Louisiana. I went apartment shopping, found the perfect little place and made it my own. I was nervous to leave Baton Rouge, but excited for a change. I was wholeheartedly excited to start my journey to becoming a pharmacist and had zero expectations to finding a man, much less my future husband. A couple nights before it was time for me to move I had a conversation with my mom about how there weren’t any tall, attractive, athletic, smart men left in the world, and if there were any, they certainly weren’t going to be at XULA.

Let’s fast forward to the part where I move to New Orleans and report to pharmacy school orientation. I get a good look around the room, and I remember even texting my mom “Told you so” which meant I was right and that I was going to die alone. Haha. Dramatic, much? Here’s the kicker, as soon as I sent that text to my mom, HE walked in the room – a tall, handsome, and oh-so attractive man! I felt butterflies and I hadn’t even met him yet. He was late to orientation, but in my opinion, he was right on time! I knew at that very moment that he would be my husband one day!

Days went by and we hadn’t exchanged anything more than a few smiles, so you can imagine the butterflies I felt when he sat next to me in A&P class for the very first time. I wasn’t really sure how to react or what to say, so I just let him take the lead. We instantly clicked and began studying together pretty often, and that later evolved into him asking me out on our first date to take a trip to the pharmacy museum. Super cheesy, right? Haha But it was the best day of my life. As the school year went on, we grew closer and closer, and by February 2012, we were official and inseparable.

My tenure at Xavier was some of the best years of my life and I’ll always feel indebted to New Orleans for allowing me to find true love! We have grown so much together, accomplished and reached so many incredible milestones, and I am forever grateful to be spending the rest of my life with the most incredible man I have ever met. The crazy thing is that each day that goes by, I find myself falling deeper in love with him. He truly is my soul mate and the epitome of the perfect man for me. Prayer truly does work, I’m living proof – I married the man of my dreams!:)


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