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Preparing for Back to School Season with RXKids

This blog post is sponsored by RXBAR, but all opinions expressed are my own.

The back-to-school season is upon us, and this year it’s looking a little different. We are all wondering what the 2020-2021 school year will look like. Will our kids be able to physically go to school, will it be virtual, or a mix of the two? We had full plans to enroll Madison Kate into PK3, but are still unsure if we will be making that happen this fall semester. Either way, we are preparing her for one of the biggest transitions of her life, and I want to share what that journey looks like for us with you.

Neither of my children have attended daycare. Since they were both 4 months old, we have had a babysitter/nanny come into our home to help us on days that my husband and I have had to work. So, whenever Madison actually does start school, you can imagine how big of a transition this will be!

Here are some tips to prepare you and your kids for their first day of school:

Start school routine early.

Summer routines are generally a bit more relaxed. And if you’re like me, your children’s bedtime may be somewhat inconsistent. However, it is so important to introduce a consistent bedtime and an early morning rise at least a couple of weeks before the first day of school. This will get your kiddo’s body used to school day hours, and will make the teacher’s day a lot better too. 

Prepare meal options in advance

First step is deciding if your child will bring their lunch or will eat lunch provided by the school. We will allow her to eat the lunch provided by the school, but will be for sure be sending her with some of her favorite snacks. With it being a completely new environment for her, she will certainly need comfort food. With the launch of RXBAR’s brand new RX Kids Protein Snack Bar, she now specifically requests them every day and refers to them as her “big girl” snack. She believes that if she has RX Kids Protein Snack Bars to snack on, she can combat anything. 

 RX Kids bars have several great flavors: Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chip and we love them all! Not only do they taste amazing, but they have added nutritional value as well. I feel great knowing my babies are enjoy their healthy snack choices!

Get appropriate gear for your preschoolers

I know there are a ton of super cute school supplies! That said, be sure to get things your kid will actually need and be able to use. The school usually has a supply list, so be sure to check that out and get those things early. 

Review COVID guidelines with your kiddo.

No matter how old your kid is, it’s important to have a sit down and explain to him/her the importance of social distancing and maintaining their personal hygiene. Let him/her know that maintaining their distance from other students and adults is important, and that handwashing is so important. I will be sure to reiterate to Madison the importance of washing her hands before eating her RX Kids bar!

Encourage independence While no one expects a 3-year-old to do everything on their own, age-appropriate independence is important. Things like allowing your child to pick up after themselves after dinner, choosing their outfit for the day, or deciding what snack they will bring for the school day are all things that will give your kiddo a sense of independence. That sense of independence will give them the confidence they need to go to school and actually make the most of it and enjoy it!

Prepare for back to school emotions

I will definitely have to control my emotions. I literally get teary-eyed just to think about my baby girl starting PK3. Even if it is only for half a day, it still makes me antsy. It is important though, that if you’re an emotional mess like me, that we hold it together in front of our children. Back to school anxiety is normal, and the way to push through it is preparing your child early by reading books and having talks about the emotions of going to school for the first time or back to school after an extended summer break. 

There is so much uncertainty in this upcoming school year. The only thing we can do is prepare and go with the flow. We have been enjoying this summer as much as we can and just making the most of each moment. As we begin to shift gears, there’s one thing that will have to remain consistent for our sanity ---  snack time! And RX Kids Protein Snack Bars are one of our go-to snack options because they taste amazing and are clean and nutritious too! You can find these bars online at or at your local Target or Walmart.

May the back-to-school season be a smooth one!


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