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Simply Perfect: Epic Day with the Fusilier's

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. We all dream of the perfect life, and most people may argue that perfection does not exist. That’s relative. What may be perfect for someone, may not be perfect for everyone. I believe that anyone can live the life they want, just as easily as they can dream it. My husband and I dream build together often, and one of the most important things that helps us stay on track is taking it one day at a time. We try our very best to live in the moment, because we know if we don’t, something great can be missed and tomorrow isn’t always promised. Life is a gift, so every single morning we wake up, we Thank God for such a beautiful blessing. It’s totally okay to dream and set goals, but don’t forget about today.

My husband and I lead an extremely busy life. We are parents, pharmacists, business owners, and most importantly – we are a married couple who are still very much in love. So many people ask how we do find the time to do all that we do. I guess we find the time because it’s of mutual importance, and also because while working as pharmacists is still what we do for a living, time freedom comes from working on our fortune. Our side hustle is what has allowed me to decrease my hours and be able to do more things that I thoroughly enjoy, like blogging, parenting, and dating my husband.:) I guess there is some truth to the saying, if it’s important, you’ll make time for it. There is nothing greater than waking up next to my husband, knowing that we have a day filled with unplanned, spontaneous adventure, because of time freedom!

To most, the most perfect day would be jet setting to some lavish island, but for us, we are so simple. The perfect day for us is waking up on our own, and not to an alarm clock, it’s going with the flow and simply enjoying our family. The other day we both woke up and were like, let’s make the best of today, let’s do whatever we feel will make our hearts smile the biggest. Let’s have our definition of the perfect day. I can’t wait to share the epic day with the Fusiliers.

So, we woke up to no alarm clock at all, which was perfection in itself. We watched one of our favorite shows together, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta on DVR, then finally made it out of the bed and got breakfast going. It was nice to walk into a super clean kitchen because a maid service had come in the day before. We spent a bulk of our morning dancing around the living room and laughing with Madison. Even without having a plan, I decided that I would put some serious effort into my appearance, I got Maddy and I dressed in mommy and me matching outfits! JD will never admit it, but I think he felt a little left out (haha) because our first stop was Lululemon and he got a shirt to change into that, mysteriously, matched Maddy and I’s color scheme. Haha. Shopping together is one of our favorite things to do, although it never lasts too long before JD is ready to go!

After shopping at Lululemon, we hit up our absolute favorite steakhouse Ruth’s Chris for lunch. Funny thing about my husband, he doesn’t love when I get people we don’t know to take our family pictures. So, you can imagine his look when I asked the valet guy to take a quick family picture. Haha He forgot how annoyed he was after his mouth-watering steak and creamed spinach arrived, and Madison love loved the bread, and with good reason too. It is definitely an experience going out to eat with a 1 year old who enjoys screaming at the top of her lungs because she likes the sound of her own voice, but I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As full as we were, we knew that the fun couldn’t stop there. We headed over to the Knock Knock Children’s Museum that so many people rave about. It was the cutest thing, Maddy’s eyes literally lit up as soon as she laid eyes on the car room. She kept going up to all the kids trying to hug them, so I guess even though she stays at home with our nanny, her socialization skills are just fine. JD was for sure the biggest kid there, it was the most adorable thing watching him with our sweet girl. That was for sure one of the highlights of my day, just seeing my daughter with her father having the time of their lives. When it was time to leave, Maddy was exhausted, so as soon as we buckled her into the car seat, she was out for the count.

While she slept, we drove around to different areas of Baton Rouge, and dream built some. We talked about where we may want to build next and drove to some of those areas. We talked about the projects we are working on, and how far they’ve come. We prayed and drove some more, with no real destination in mind. We ended up at a snowball stand which was conveniently right next door to a crawfish stand. Like… how do you pass that up right? We drove away with 11 lbs of crawfish and two snowballs. We headed home after this to eat and settle down a little to give Maddy some rest time. The day could have ended here, but of course... it didn’t. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but JD and I both almost always crave ice cream after eating crawfish. I guess that explains why we ended up at Coldstone. We ended the evening by getting Maddy settled in bed, and JD and I watching movies together.

Clearly, our definition of a perfect day entails eating whatever we want! Haha. Seriously though, it doesn’t take much to put a smile on our faces, as long as we are together. So many times, we take for granted the simple things, the intimate moments; when in actuality, those moments, those simple things are what make life worth living. I could do life every single day, just the way we are doing it right now and be perfectly okay with that. There is something about living life freely and abundantly – something about it not always being about money. Jim Carrey says it best, “I hope everybody can get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer.” It still baffles me how I could literally be doing anything in the world, and as long as I am with these two, it is always an incredible time. So, here’s to perfect days being simply the days that make your heart smile. That could honestly be every day for the rest of your life, if you let it.:)

Thanks for reading!


Brittney Fusilier


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