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The Grand Opening: Sears Home & Life

When it comes to the best variety of home appliances and tools, only one company comes to mind – Sears. This past weekend my family and I attended the grand opening of Sears Home & Life in Lafayette, Louisiana and man, was it a treat! The new store is much different than the Sears we are used to because of its smaller, sleek new layout. However, they haven’t waivered one bit in their stance on offering exceptional customer service and premium home products and services. Sears has always been a staple for appliances, mattresses, tools, home services and connected home products. Sears Home & Life offers just that with an intimate, convenient and personal shopping experience.

The ribbon cutting at the 4405 Ambassador Caffery Sears Home & Life location was at 10AM and it was neat to be present for that. I know how much work goes into making sure everything is perfect. There were a ton of amazing vendors present and the giveaways were great too! We actually won two free tickets to Blue Bayou which my husband and daughter were super stoked about. My oldest daughter, Madison, got a little antsy, but thankfully there was a snowball stand outside that came to our rescue!

Photo Credit: Leslie Westbrook of The Advocate

Photo Credit: Leslie Westbrook of The Advocate

The store is absolutely stunning. Its open concept allows you to take it all in at once, and to be honest, I felt like a kid in the candy store! The store is compartmentalized nicely – mattresses, connected home products (things like smart lightbulbs, doorbells, a/c monitors, etc.), tools, washer and dryers, refrigerators and freezers all having their own designated areas to shop and explore with amazing variety. Madison can’t seem to stay out of the fridge at our house, so she was pretty thrilled to find all the pretty refrigerators in the store.

The Lafayette Sears Home & Life features:

· A “Welcome” Service Desk: Meet with Home & Life experts to explore how new appliances would look in a full-scale kitchen

· Sears Buy Online “Search Bar” Kiosk: A Home & Life expert can assist you and you can pick up your purchase in-store or it can be delivered right to your doorstep

· Sears Home Services: You can consult with experts about your Home Improvement needs and purchase products like windows, roofing, kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and more

· Free Store Pickup on any item purchased on

· In-Vehicle Pickup: For Shop Your Way members, you can have your purchases delivered right to your car with the press of a button

One of the coolest concepts I learned about while at the grand opening was the Sears Home Services. There is a designated kiosk in the store that offers in-home appliance repair, parts and accessories, as well as convenient solutions for customers to shop replacement parts for any appliance. Sears Home Services even repair appliances that weren’t purchased from there.

There is even a gorgeous Kenmore kitchen set-up to showcase how a Home & Life specialist can serve has a consultant for home improvement needs and aid in the purchase of products like kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and so much more.

Photo Credit: Andre Broussard of The Advertiser

My husband and I must be getting older because things like hand mixers and screwdriver sets really excite us (haha). You can imagine how pumped we were to score these two things for ourselves. Hey, it's ok to treat ourselves every now and then, right?

After we left the store, I went on and ordered a deep freezer! My current freezer is packed to capacity with breastmilk, so I am excited about it. We will definitely be utilizing the in-vehicle pick up service. Talk about convenience!

I am so excited about this new store. I love that they have such a wide variety in store on display for big ticket items like mattresses, washer and dryers, and refrigerators. Sears unveiling this all-new concept is genius because it really does provide the ultimate customer experience which is so important. Sears Home & Life provides all things home and life (go figure), so any time you’re on the market for anything home related, definitely check it out!

I partnered with Sears to bring you this post. All opinions are my own.

Thanks so much for reading!




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