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Toddler Snack Ideas for Busy Families

This post is sponsored by NABISCO, but all opinions are my own.

As many of you know, we are a family that is constantly on the go. From blog work, to pharmacy life, marriage and being a mommy of 3 kiddos ages 4 years old and younger, you can imagine what our days look like. While things can get a bit overwhelming, there are a few things that I have gotten figured out – easy snack options for on the go parents is one of those things!

While Baby Fusilier is still exclusively breastfed, Madison and Olivia both love the same things. They are huge fans of NABISCO Multipacks with OREO Cookies, RITZ Crackers and CHIPS AHOY! Cookies. They are the most convenient addition to lunch and make the easiest snacks, especially when we are running out of the door. If we are being honest, my husband and I love these snack options just as much as the kids. NABISCO has a wide variety of Multipack options and are proportioned to take the worry away! You can also find the Limited Edition Pokémon NABISCO Multipacks, too!

Also, can we take a moment to talk about Madison physically starting school this Fall. I can’t even believe it! It’s like right when you get used to virtual schooling, it’s time to switch it up! She’s excited about it though. She has already requested that I include RITZ Crackers and OREO Cookies in her lunch bag, one for lunch time and the other is for snack time. The fact that she’s old enough to make special requests has my mind blown. Haha

In any case, NABISCO Multipacks are reliable and versatile for Back to School, making them the perfect snack companion for your kids’ lunch!

I am also pleased to share about the RITZ Lunch Debt Program with you because it’s pretty amazing! RITZ is committed to helping end lunch debt for school children across America and will continue to do so with donations through Feeding America.

As we all prepare for Back To School season, I am wishing you and your kids a smooth transition – at least we have one thing covered – snacks!

Thanks so much for reading!


Brittney Fusilier


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