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What WAS in My Hospital Bag

Delivery gown from Posh Pushers

Apparently, it’s an unofficial rule to have your hospital bags packed and car seat installed by the time you’re 37 weeks or earlier. I think I followed that rule with Madison, but my last pregnancy was slightly different. For starters, since we have a toddler, naps and rest were super hard to come by. I had full intentions on packing my bag after work starting at week 35, but it just didn’t happen. It was not until I was 37 weeks and 5 days that I finally buckled down and got all packed! My brain must have known my body was preparing for labor, because by 38 weeks, I was in route to the hospital in active labor. Olivia Grace had a mind of her own, she decided that I didn’t need time to write this post prior to her arrival and that whatever I had to say could wait until AFTER she was born.

I should have probably named this post, what was in my hospital BAGS because hi, my name is Brittney and I am over-packer. My logic behind this is that I would rather be over-prepared than to be without anything we needed. I am excited to share with you what I packed, and I’m hoping that parents and parents-to-be will find this post helpful.

The Baby:

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack Diaper Bag

(3) Swaddle Blankets – Copper Pearl has the cutest prints with the perfect amount of stretch for the perfect swaddle

(5) Baby gowns or onesie PJ’s w/out snaps – for easy access especially during late night diaper changes

Monogrammed Swaddle with Bow – for baby’s first photoshoot

Cute baby hats – Baby needs hats during the first couple of days of life while they adjust to real world

Bows with nylon wrap – super cute in pictures, the bigger the bow, the better!

Socks/mittens – a pack of multicolored socks and mittens to avoid baby scratching herself

(1) Wubba nub pacifier – I still haven’t given Liv this yet, but I did pack one just in case

Baby Hair Brush

Pampers Little Swaddlers – hospital did provide these, but what’s a diaper bag w/out diapers

Huggies Natural Care wipes – hospital has recommended wipes they give you but I packed these as well

Infant Car Seat - base should be installed and ready at 37 weeks!

Monogrammed Gorgeous Swaddle with Bow

For Mom:

Delivery gown – I didn’t want to use the generic delivery gown, Posh Pushers has some beautiful options

(3) Dark-colored nursing pajamas – sorry for TMI, but bleeding is a culprit of giving birth. Seraphine and Target were my GO-TO for nursing friendly loungewear

Nursing Pads – the leakage can be real

Water bottle – I’m always super thirsty after

Open Cardigan – serve as good nursing cover ups

Mesh, comfy underwear – hospital does provide some disposable ones as well

Lanolin Nipple Cream – lifesaver for breastfeeding moms

Flip Flops – I can’t stand walking around anywhere other than my house barefoot

Toiletries / Make Up

Hair Products – don’t forget ponytail holders and bobby pins

Chapstick – a must have, chapped lips are super annoying

Prenatal Vitamins

Going Home Outfit and Shoes

Camera/Memory Card/Charger

Plenty of snacks – enough for mom and dad

Dirty clothes bag

This list is certainly not all-inclusive, but it is a guide and a starting point. For all expecting moms, try to start packing up your bags as early as you can. Choose a day to go shopping and gather everything and just get it done, you’ll be so glad you did!

Thanks so much for reading!


Everything Fusilier


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